Korobov Vladimir Andreevich (1924-2001)

Korobov Vladimir Andreevich was born 29 of April 1924 in Artemovsk city, Lugansk region, Ukraine. In the family of Red Army commander. In 1926 the artist’s family moved to Odessa.

Since 1940 Korobov was living in Zaporogie city, Ukraine.

He is participant of WWII and was awarded of medals.

Since 1950 Vladimir actively participated in Regional, All-Union and International exhibitions of painting.

Korobov is member of Union of Artists of the USSR since 1960.

Artist was great master of “Lirical Landscape” but also was working in the genres of Historical paintings, Still-Life, Portraits, etc.

He has lots of students among young Zaporogie artists, but his most favourit student was his daughter—Natalya Korobova—famous Ukrainian artist. All works, which I precent now on ebay, were bought directly from her in her studio.

Vladimir Korobov works are precented in Zaporogie FineArts Museum, privat collections in Ukraine and many other countries.

Korobov Vladimir Andreevich is in“A Dictionary of Twentieth Century Russian and Soviet Paintings 1900-1980th” byMatthew Cullerne Bown.