Slobodian Dmitry Ivanovich, who was born 08.11.1929 in the village of Suvorovka, Vinnitsa region, Ukraine. In 1951 he graduated from Lugansk Art College and beginning from 1953 was working as a teacher of drawing in Stalin town (Donetsk region) in art school. In 1958 Dmitry Ivanovich moved to Lugansk were he also was working as a teacher of drawing and composition in art school. In 1960 Slobodian entered the Lvov Art Institute named after I. Fedorov on the graphic department. From 1966 till 1990, Dmitry Ivanovich was working as a senior painter in the scientific institute of coal industry in Lugansk.

All his life Slobodian Dmitry Ivanovich was very independent person, never lead the official Soviet line. That’s why he never enters the Union of Artists of Ukraine and had his personal exhibition only in 1999 in the age of 70. But watching the fantastic works, created by  Slobodian Dmitry Ivanovich, which I’ll be presenting on eBay next couple of months, you realize that he was really great master of color, composition and subject.

Slobodian Dmitry Ivanovich died in 2005.