Alexander Vasilievich Boydukov (1923-2005) is Artist Emirate of Ukraine, Professor Emeritus of Volin State University named after L. Ukrainka,  Alexander Vasilievich Boydukov who is patriarch of Volin Art School and great master of lyrical landscape.

Boydukov was born in the 10.07.1923 in Troitskoye village in Zaporogie Region.

In 1939 great passion for fine arts brings the village boy to the Dnepropetrovsk Art College, the Second World War mixed his planes. He participated in the WWII and was demobilize in 1945 in Berlin.

Alexander Vasilievich began his artistic activity in Lutsk in 1946.

In 1968 the author participated in first serious exhibition in his life: All-Union Art Exhibition. During his long artistic life, Boydukov painted hundreds of works. He created numerous art cycles: “Small Houses of Ukraine” (I present one of the cycle on eBay now), “Trees-giants”, “Architectural Monuments of Ukraine” (I present one of the cycle on eBay now), “Architectural Monuments of Russia” (I present one of the cycle on eBay now), and many other. As you can see from pictures, I perform on eBay, Alexander Vasilievich works in different styles as a really talented and all-round artist.

Boyducov’s works were exhibited in Ukraine, Russia, and other European countries many times.

He had 20 Personal exhibitions in Ukraine and Russia, Personal exhibitions in Poland and Germany. Lot’s of his works are exhibited in Museums, Governmental and Social Institutions. Private collections and Art Galleries all over the world have his works.   

Alexander Vasilievich Boydukov’s name is included in “THE DICTIONARY OF RUSSIAN AND SOVIET PAINTING 1900-1980S” BY MATTHEW CULLERNE BOWN